Plastic Jungle marketplace

Plastic Jungle is a service that allows consumers to exchange nearly any gift card for cash or store credit at other retailers, as well as a marketplace that buys and sells discount gift cards. You can read moreĀ here.

Key Challenges
The nature of the exchange and unique SKU inventory had unique ecommerce interaction challenges.

  • Low converting home page
  • Product page support of huge inventory swings multiple unique SKUs
  • Shallow inventory introduced ‘race conditions’ for customers in checkout
  • Clearly communicating differences of physical versus electronic gift cards
  • Instilling trust throughout the experience


  • Updated design and language on home page
  • Reorganized inventory by denomination to reduce product page scrolling
  • Created on-page shopping cart to increase cards bought per order
  • Created a visual indicator and filter for price and inventory types
  • Added service guarantee at the top of every page

Head of Product + Design, Interaction Designer

Home Page
Increasing the size of the search box and updating the language to “Sell Us Your Gift Cards” drove increased conversions.


Search Results
Moving the gallery view to the left increased browsing.


Product Page
Grouping inventory by brand + price made buying easy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 11.51

We included a button that appeared as you scrolled down the page to bring customers back to the top filters to aid in finding.


Adding to the cart
On-page cart increased cards visited per order.


Holding inventory for a fixed time reduced the ‘race condition’ of buyers buying the same card.


Brand specific attributes per card brand.


Coupon View
Electronic gift cards delivered with additional coupons.


After the redesign, we significantly increased the site conversion and cards sold per order.

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