runcoach mobile

runcoach is a service that provides dynamic training plans based on your activity.

There are many apps that track your running. runcoach is unique in that they have a personalized, real-time training system that provides training as you workout and adjusts to your performance.


    • Redesign the mobile experience to highlight the coaching feature of the service
    • Track runner activity and provide real-time audio feedback along the way
    • Support multiple stage workouts gracefully


    • Design was focused on making the workout the main part of the app
    • Weekly activity is brought to main screen to emphasize frequency of workouts which drives long term engagement
    • Simple concept of workout + single action button

Visual and Interaction Design

photo 1 copy photo 2 copy photo 4 copy

Interaction design prototypes
Focused first on data heavy main screen then simplified into one workout and one main button
photo 4

Some alternative visual design directions. Team decided to bring current site visual design into the app.

design4.fw iOS7.fw


Interaction Flow
An example of one use case of viewing and completing a workout. runcoach_run_interaction

Workouts and Running
Workouts have phases that automatically update based on time, pace or distance. Audio cues keep runners on track.

workout_large running@2x.fw 00000002

Maps and performance


Schedules and Medals




Within a couple of weeks of launch, the app has seen significant downloads and customer engagement.

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