eBay shopping experiences

eBay is an amazing company where just about anything can be bought and sold. However, one of the biggest product challenges is how to best design a shopping experience to be tailored to certain types of products and yet be broad enough to sell everything else.

Over the years, we built out tailored shopping experiences and buying formats for a number of business cases and learned a ton through the process of what sold online and how best to list and merchandise a broad set of products.

Lead UI Designer, Visual designer on icons and Buy It Now branding

Great Collections
Great Collections was a partnership with high end auction house, Butterfield & Butterfield, to sell premier art and collectibles. This was eBay’s first tailored shopping experience.

gchome (original) gccategoryindex (original) gcviewitems

eBay Motors
eBay Motors is a tailored shopping experience built specifically for auto enthusiasts.

em2homeluxury (original) emcategoryluxury

eBay Motors introduced structured data that made finding easy. It was later the model for category attributes built over hundreds of categories throughout eBay.motors_structured_data_detail

Items could be featured with Motors specific listing icons.

eBay Fixed Price and Buy It Now
eBay was an auction only commerce site for many years. Surprisingly, it was controversial at the time to introduce fixed price purchasing to the platform. To reduce this risk, we positioned “Buy It Now” as a way to end an auction early versus a stand alone new buying format. It resonated with the existing auction-minded consumer and reduced the business risk. bin_box

Buy It Now 2014
The simplicity of the design has proven successful and has stayed consistent for the last several years.
Untitled 38

Finding Improvements
We introduced structured data into the search experience tailoring the finding experience for individual categories.  We iterated over multiple versions ending with content on the right, attribute filtering on the left and format filtering through tabs.

Original Design
search_listings eBay.com_SearchResultsPage

During my tenure, eBay moved from auctions only commerce site worth $250M to a $65B ecommerce leader.

  • Buy It Now was a key driver of growth at the time and has been over the last decade.
  • eBay Motors has become the largest car dealer in the world.
  • We were awarded several patents for our innovations.


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